wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana provides tree care and tree thinning

Spring has sprung, and so has growth on your trees! While many people let plants on their property grow unchecked, trees often need professional care to grow optimally and reach their best potential. Leaving trees on your property to their own devices might work for your wooded areas, but for those looking to have a yard to make the neighbors jealous, or just to keep their trees healthy and looking good, they will need expert care. 

Wildcat Creek Tree Service, providing tree service in Lafayette, Indiana, will go over how overcrowding can hurt your trees and how thinning can promote good tree health for your property.

What is Overcrowding?

thinning your tree branches can lead to bigger fruit and healthier branches

Trees can grow so well it turns into a problem! When so many branches are able to sprout, they often end up harming each other. These branches may not receive enough nutrients, water, sunlight, or just plain room to grow to their full potential and they can become weak or unattractive looking. For fruit trees, this is exceptionally bad, as the fruit they produce will be smaller and of poorer quality than a properly maintained tree.

On an overcrowded tree, diseases can spread much more easily. If you have multiple overcrowded trees next to each other this can cause even further spread on your property that can lead to wide-scale damage. Insects and other pest problems can also be amplified by limbs and branches being too crowded on a tree!

What is Thinning? Why Do I Need It?

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To keep trees from growing wild and to the point they’ll curb their own growth or damage themselves, you’ll need your trees thinned. Thinning is the selective removal of live branches to promote future health and growth, as well as creating stunning structures for your property. The branches and limbs that are removed will make room for healthier ones to grow—and even other plants and trees on the property to flourish. Thinning is an excellent option for orchards, as many fruit trees especially need it as not to break under their own weight and can produce better fruit with fewer branches.

Before you go out with loppers and ladder at home, realize you’ll probably not be able to provide your trees the expert care they need.

Thinning your tree is not a simple process and those who do it are sometimes called “tree surgeons” based on the level of care needed for each tree. Knowing which branches to take off, how to correctly remove them, at what point to cut them off at, and even what season is the best not to damage your tree are all extremely important factors. You’ll have to find a company with years of experience in tree service in Lafayette, Indiana.

Where Can I Get Expert Help Thinning My Trees?

For those that decide they need expert tree services in Lafayette, Indiana, look no further than Wildcat Creek Tree Service. With experienced specialists of more than 15 years, they can help you with thinning or any other tree needs you may have. Remember to act fast, as spring is considered a top time to have trees thinned! To get started on a healthier property, contact us online, or call at (765) 404-0938.