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Ever Wonder Why Trees Are So Important?

Wildcat Creek Tree Service of Lafayette Indiana believes that trees are vital, and finding a tree service company that adheres to their ethical treatment has become ever more critical! Not only are trees essential for sustaining life, but as one of the earth’s longest living organisms, they give us a link to the past. Trees are the most prominent plants on the planet and hold significant benefits for the environment, our communities, and for preserving the future of our world. Throughout their existence, trees have supported and sustained human life through such provisions as fuel, food, shelter, and a host of numerous medicinal properties. Their monumental presence holds a personal and spiritual connection as well as being remarkable historical record keepers for generations to come.

What Defines Environmental Ethics?

Environmental ethics revolves around human beings’ ethical relationship with the natural environment. The philosophical discipline developed in the 1970s, prompted by the increased awareness of the effects of industrial and technological advances.

As stewards of the earth, we believe that the ethical treatment and care for nonhuman objects is the moral obligation to our environment. Environmental ethics seeks to outline the moral responsibility of the global population in the face of interests such as dwindling flora and fauna biodiversity, the loss of wilderness species, rapidly increasing climate change, and the consequent degradation of ecosystems. Environmental ethics seeks to place the impacts of human consciousness and action within the broader ecological landscape, affecting both public practice and policy.

wildcat creek tree services lafayette indiana adheres to their moral environmental obligation

How Does Wildcat Creek Tree Service Practice Ethical Tree Care?

The ethical arborist is by no means a new trend. At the forefront of arboriculture is a whole study of the flora and fauna our interventions could potentially affect. There are a few essential applications of ethical tree care that every good arborist implements into their process.

One of Wildcat Creek Tree Service’s most requested client objectives is to make room for structures or to increase available light into their yard. Preserving the health of the tree can fall upon the pruning technique. Directional pruning, the practice of only removing the limbs that directly interfere with utility lines or building structure into the tree, can preserve the health of the tree. Whereas over-pruning, eliminating more than 23% of a tree’s leaf canopy in a single operation, can jeopardize the health of the tree. Note, Tree pruning is critical to promote good tree health and to encourage a stable structure.

“Topping” is an example of an extreme form of over-pruning, which refers to the excessive reduction of a tree’s height. This practice does nothing to make the tree larger and safe, in fact, it causes stress to the tree, making it hazardous, encouraging the spread of rot and decay, loosening the branches, and weakening its immune system. Moreover, this may trigger the tree to go into survival mode and force rapid growth of weaker new leaves at the crop off. A better alternative is moderate pruning through canopy reduction, inter-limbing, or removing branches from the ground upwards.

Help lessen the spread of disease and decay that a large number of accidental puncture wounds can catalyze by minimizing the use of shoe spurs or tree spikes when climbing a tree. A better practice is to use a system of harnesses and pulleys which are just as useful and cause less harm.

Most importantly, unless the tree is dead, structurally unsafe, or in a critical state of decline, refuse to fell a healthy tree specimen without having valid justification; other methods can be utilized to control the tree.

What Are The Tree Felling Legal Requirements For Indiana?

Though tree felling is a simple process, Wildcat Creek Tree Service of Lafayette Indiana recommends that you contact a professional tree service company to schedule the removal.  The requirements from each state are there to cover you and prevent potential delays or obstacles. Some states require permits or special permissions before you can fell a tree, either for ethical reasons or to follow the ordinance of your city.

wildcat cat creek tree service lafayette indiana provides the state requirements for tree felling

Indiana Tree Felling Requirements

“According to state law, the owner of a tree between two properties is the one who has the trunk on their land. As such, the responsibility for care or removal lies with him or her. Although the branches and limbs might hang over into another yard, the neighbor cannot remove them. Indianapolis has no permits or regulations regarding tree removal on private property. Indiana law also requires that landowners maintain their property so that others can enjoy their own property.” Click here to get the requirements for your state.  

The knowledgable staff at Wildcat Creek Tree Service are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the tree felling legal requirements in your area.

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