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There goes your neighbor Bob again, heading to the garage. That shirt he’s wearing may have been cool in the 80s but now it fits like an unsightly crop top. Great…another day of watching him tinker on nothing in particular—in full view of your house.

As you glance down at your row of newly planted saplings, you can’t help but fantasize about the future. One day these trees will be mammoth—blocking Bob and all of his peculiar activities. But for now, you must keep them healthy and alive…which is no small task in this summer heat.

Don’t worry—You won’t be cursed with seeing Bob forever!Wildcat Creek Tree Service, a complete tree service in Lafayette, Indiana, has 5 tips that can protect your young trees from this heat! Start protecting your youngins’ now!

Tip #1 Keep Your Trees Cool

We’re not talking about Bob in a crop top cool, we’re talking about ambient heat. Let’s say you have hardscaping materials surrounding your saplings, like granite, metal, and brick pavers. These materials can absorb the heat from the sun and then reflect that heat—putting stress on your new trees!

To keep your trees nice and cool, try placing mulch around the base of the tree. Mulch keeps the soil cool and also retains moisture—further cooling down the temperature on particularly hot days.

Tip #2 Properly Water Your Trees

hire a tree care expert to properly care for your saplings

With a newly growing tree, an adequate water supply is essential. As trees begin to form intricate root systems, they use a lot of energy which needs to be replenished—especially if the summer proves to be dry.

Water your tree regularly and consistently. The soil should be moist, but not soggy or swampy. Water with a steady hose stream for about 30 to 45 seconds when the soil gets dry. This should provide adequate moisture without overwatering.

You should be able to remember to water your trees by watching Bob take swigs out of his gallon water jug…oh brother.

Tip #3 Weed Around Your New Trees

As saplings struggle to develop a strong root system, under-watering is not their only hurtle—don’t forget about weeds!

Weeds can develop long roots and compete with new trees for water, oxygen, and nutrients, which can hurt a sapling’s growth. For the first 1 to 3 years of a tree’s life, make sure to weed regularly! Pull weeds from the base to tear out their roots and do not use weed killer! Weed killer can be absorbed by your new tree’s roots and potentially damage its structure.

Tip #4 Stay Away from Chemicals

avoid spraying chemicals around trees to not stunt growth

Spraying chemicals on weeds is a common practice to help maintain the appearance of your landscape. These chemicals, however, can stunt the growth of your new trees.

Many weed killing products contain the chemical atrazine. Atrazine shuts down the sugar production process in plants, which stops the plant’s ability to feed itself, leading to death. Fully mature trees can handle exposure to this chemical, but it can severely damage and even kill a sapling.

When spraying for weeds, make sure to do so away from the root radius of the tree, and don’t spray on windy days! The wind can carry the chemical to plants not intending to be sprayed.

Tip #5 Check for Pests and Diseases    

Check for pests and disease! Yes, we agree Bob is a pest, but we were thinking more along the lines of beetles.   

As saplings develop, they need all of their leaves to generate energy and grow. Common pests like aphids, Cankerworms, and beetles can feed on the leaves, which can stunt growth and even kill the tree!

Diseases like Fire Blight, Powdery Mildew, and Leaf Spots can also cause leaf necrosis which can eventually kill a tree. Closely monitor for signs of disease and then prune infected tree limbs to prevent further spread.

Can a Tree Service Help Me?

contact wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana for the best tree care

A lot of weight rides on whether your young trees will survive the first summer. Imagine a world where you have to see Bob everyday…

Okay, you need an expert’s help.

For help with your landscaping and tree care service needs, contact Wildcat Creek Tree Services. Wildcat Creek offers expert tree care including: tree trimming, pruning, thinning, and more!

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