prepare for summer storms with wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana

As Indiana residents, we all know how volatile the weather can be. In the matter of a few hours, a bone-dry day in the upper nineties can be ravaged by thunderstorms, have the temperature drop to seventy, or even have a dense fog set in. With it being “summer” in Indiana, you can only be sure of one thing: storms are on their way! 

Here at Wildcat Creek Tree Service, we frequently see the aftermath of such storms, and we’re here to help. As a tree service company in Lafayette, Indiana with over 15 years of experience, a majority of the storm damage we’ve witnessed could have been prevented by following these simple guidelines.

1. Remove Dead Limbs

wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana helps remove dead tree limbs to improve your trees health

Older trees often contain dead limbs that can be quite dangerous to residents. Large, dry, and brittle, these branches can be the cause of a “nightmare” situation for homeowners. Escalated winds, typical of summer storms, can cause enough stress to break these branches with ease. Dead limbs are easy to spot, and removing them offers the benefit of a healthy tree in addition to a safer home. If you see any dead limbs on your property, feel free to make use of our dead-wooding service if you need help removing them.

2. Reign in that Brush Pile!

Along with being an unsightly fire hazard, brush piles can put you, your family, and your neighbors at risk during a severe thunderstorm. We understand一it’s so easy to keep adding and adding. Heck, it’s like your own personal dumpster for the yard. But with wind speeds in Lafayette reaching 85 miles per hour on a yearly basis, a brush pile puts your property at risk, if something from it becomes airborne. At the very least, ensure your brush pile is secured, or just call us for eco-friendly brush removal.

3. Ensure Proper Pruning

wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana provides proper pruning techniques

Pruning is essential to the health of most trees and is especially important if the tree shares space with another structure, such as your house. If tree limbs grate against the roof or siding of your house, it is important that you do something about it! Grating is unhealthy for both the tree and your house, and violent storms can cause further damage with increased wind speeds. Check out our blog on pruning for further guidance or use our pruning service if you need extra help.

wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana trims unstable trees to make your yard safer

4. Watch for Unstable Trees!

Finally, while it may seem obvious, check your property for trees that may be unstable. This includes trees you believe are dying, as well as leaning trees, trees with a hole in the trunk, and trees with rotting roots. If you are unsure about the status of a particular tree, don’t be afraid to ask a professional. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Additionally, do not attempt to remove trees by yourself! Call an insured professional tree service immediately if you believe one of your trees is at risk. For tree services in Lafayette, Indiana, don’t hesitate to call us at (765) 404-0938. We’d be glad to help you prep your lawn for this season of summer storms.