wildcat creek tree service provides stump removal in lafayette indiana

The smell of your coffee envelops your nose as you raise the mug to your mouth and take a sip. As you glance out of your kitchen window, you see the first rays of the morning sun shining lazily on your backyard while a light mist covers the landscape.

Your beautiful flower garden, cozy coy pound, and delicate patio still lay in the shadows. The only thing catching the sun this early is the stump left behind from the diseased oak tree you chopped down two months ago…

You. Hate. That. Stump.

Your husband, Randy, keeps telling you not to worry about it, but you’re done staring at it—it has to go.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

We at Wildcat Creek Tree Service hear similar stories all the time! As an insured tree service in Lafayette, Indiana, we’re here to tell you about the risks that tree stumps can impose on your landscape—maybe this will catch your husband’s attention.

That Tree Stump Is Downright Ugly

You have spent years (and an exorbitant amount of money) perfecting your landscape design. With everything neat, tidy, and blossoming, an out-of-place stump can almost become the focal point of attention, stealing the show and room for other growth.

Get back to showing your guests your landscaping…not the spot where a mighty tree once stood! Don’t worry if your husband isn’t convinced that the stump must go just yet, because we’re packing more than just cosmetic reasons.

You Chopped It Down for a Reason…Don’t Let It Re-Grow

stump removal can prevent new trees from growing

As you were doing your normal rounds around your yard, you stopped to glare down at your tree stump. Upon closer inspection, you noticed tiny sprouts all along the base of the stump—that’s what our tree service likes to call new saplings…

Tree stumps can contribute to new sprouts, which can be a pain to remove! The roots connected to the stump can also continue to thrive, which can steal water, oxygen, and nutrients from the rest of your landscaping.

If a stump is left unchecked, it can cause serious property damage, with the roots upending sidewalks and even affecting structures like decks!

Stumps Can Spread Diseases and Pests

prevent pest infestations with stump removals from wildcat creek tree service

Just like a sick human can spread germs and diseases from person to person, plants can transfer diseases to other plants—including your stump.

Decaying tree stumps can spread fungi and other harmful diseases to healthy plants nearby. These stumps can also attract beetles, termites, and wood-boring insects, which can quickly move to healthy plants around your yard.

So not only is your stump ugly, it could be an agent of disease!

Did I Just Hit a Stump?

wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana can provide you with more than just stump removal services

It was like any other Wednesday afternoon when Randy decided to mow the yard. You’re inside, repainting the living room when you happen to glance out the window and see him heading straight toward the stump.

He sees it, right? He’s getting awfully close, isn’t he? Oh no, he’s going to hit it!!

As you pound on the window in vain, you watch as your husband collides head-on into the stump—mower pieces flying everywhere! Not to mention when you tripped on that darn thing the other day.

That’s it, enough is enough.  

This Stump is Coming Out

You drag the chains out of the garage and rip your Suburban through the flower bed to get to the stump—it’s coming out, one way or another!

Just as you wrap the chains around the tree, your husband runs out of your home waving his phone in the air, “I have an easier way,” he hollers.

Call a Lafayette, Indiana Tree Service

Don’t tear up your lawn trying to get to that stump, call the experts instead! Wildcat Creek Tree Service provides stump removal and stump grinding services.For more information on our process (or if Randy is still not convinced) call 765-404-0938.