care for your trees with expert tree service in lafayette indiana

It’s an amazing and almost unbelievable thing to consider. Our ancient neighbors—or should I say, landlords—can live for thousands of years. Many are older than the written word! 

So why is this important?

Other than being a fascinating tidbit, the fact that trees are so old gives us insight into how important trees are for our quality of life—and even our survival. Trees are a large part of our habitat, and through their nature, they help to improve it. 

It’s clear that we should take care of trees, not just for the sake of the trees themselves, but for ourselves as well. Tree service in Lafayette, IN is a good start. 

Here’s why…

The Mighty Tree

care for your trees with pruning and fertilization in lafayette indiana

From the tiny Ficus to the towering Sequoia, trees come in all sizes and shapes and have captured the imagination of humankind for millennia. 

We seem to know instinctively how important trees are. When we talk of our family, usually our ancestors, we use the roots of a tree to depict the intimate relationship to those who have come before us. 

Trees provide us with so many essentials that without them, life would be unlivable, one way or another. The wide canopy and accessible branches make for a quick, improvised shelter from rain and sunshine. And let’s not forget how our ancestors needed to flee predators! A swift climb up a tree could save a life!

Givers of Life

Our green friends provide more than our ancestors even ever knew. Besides the immense benefits of using trees as firewood and lumber—and a food source, in some cases—the trees give us precious air. It’s now well-known how trees exhale oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide from the air, helping support our very lives.

Caring for the Gentle Giants

If you’re wondering whether a tree falling in the woods makes a sound with no one around, we’re here to tell you…it does, and it echoes through the ages. With autumn on its way, it’s time to consider the health of the trees in your yard, for now and for the future. 

Despite the tree’s ability to stand for itself long before humans existed, there are things you can do to improve tree health—and prevent that crashing sound from echoing through your wintery landscape in the months to come!

1. Fertilization in Autumn

With the extreme heat of summer, trees lose nutrients, leaves become prematurely yellowed, and branches die. Giving your trees a healthy dose of fertilizer during the fall will help it stand up to harsh winter conditions and give it a boost for springtime growth.

2. Hydration

water your trees before winter to help keep them healthy in the cold weather

Not everyone realizes the importance of watering your trees before winter. The cold, dry weather to come will sap the strength of your trees without a healthy amount of water to keep them strong.

3. Planting

In addition to supporting your current trees, fall is the perfect time to plant new trees. Making sure they have plenty of hydration, new trees will have a chance to gain root mass without the hindrance of hot weather and drought during warmer months.

4. Prepping for Cold Weather

The cold can translate into damage from weakened limbs that are stressed from the extra weight of snow. Get your trees pruned during the fall, and support overall tree structures with cables. Just be sure not to shake ice-coated branches, since they become very brittle and may break from the stress.

Autumn Tree Service in Lafayette, IN

As our ancient landlords share their space with us, we are happy to care for them as they’ve cared for us. Let’s keep the trees happy, so they’ll keep us—and our habitat—happy. When you’re looking for tree service in Lafayette, IN, we’d be delighted to give your trees the best preparation for the colder weather ahead.