let wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana care for your trees this year

With the start of another year, comes the opportunity to set and accomplish new goals. We have fitness goals, financial goals, family goals, and we also have new goals for our homes. Whether it be remodeling a bathroom, adding a deck, or building a sunroom, this year’s the year to finally accomplish our household dreams.  

But we’re forgetting something important…what about our yards?

Before we even reach our home, we’re greeted by our landscape. To make our yards more enjoyable and inviting, we should focus on our landscapes…but how do we do that, and more importantly, what plants do we choose?  

Let Wildcat Creek Tree Service, a tree service in Lafayette, Indiana, help you choose the perfect trees to complement your landscape. Keep these thoughts in mind when choosing a tree for your yard! 

Before It Takes Root, Choose the Correct Tree

#1 Maintenance

wildcat creek tree service provides pruning services

Whether you’re retired, in school, or starting your career, everyone has different schedules, which means you need to select a tree that matches your level of maintenance. Trees like Evergreens are low-maintenance and they retain their color all year long. Deciduous trees like Oaks and Maples change color throughout the year and need more maintenance than other trees.

#2 Tree Size   

When it comes to choosing the right tree, size is a huge factor. If a certain type of tree reaches a large size, its roots could interfere with other tree roots or underground utility services. Aesthetic appeal should also be considered. Larger trees provide large amounts of shade and serve as focal points in your yard, while smaller trees add decorative touches and allow more light to shine through. 

#3 Does the Tree Produce Fruit?

fruit trees can lead to messy tree cleanup services in lafayette indiana

Many people value trees for their ability to produce fruit. Fruit trees that produce apples, plums, and cherries tend to survive better in colder climates, while fruit trees like oranges, lemons, and avocados tend to survive best in warmer climates.

Another thing to note is fruit droppings. If your tree is planted along a busy sidewalk, messy droppings could be unpleasant to walk over and clean up.

#4 Growth Rate

When planting a tree, you’ll want to think about its rate of growth. If you desire a fast-growing tree, you can choose from Weeping Willows, River Birch, Pin Oaks, Leyland Cypresses, and Quaking Aspens. If a slower rate of growth is not an issue, some trees to consider are White Cedar and Bristlecone Pine trees.

#5 Correct Soil and Sun

Before planting any tree, research should be conducted concerning which soil and sunlight conditions trees grow best in. Most trees prefer soil that is neutral or slightly acidic. Trees also perform best when soil is not super compact and allows for root penetration and the passage of nutrients and water.

The amount of sunlight received is also a major factor. Trees tend to grow best in one of three situations: full sun, partial sun or shade, and full shade. For trees that prefer full sunlight, six hours of sun a day is recommended. For trees that prefer partial sun or shade, three to six hours of sunlight a day is advised—while full shade trees need almost no sunlight.

Okay, You Planted the Tree—Now You Need Maintenance Help

wildcat creek tree services provides tree maintenance care in lafayette indiana

Your tree is finally in the ground, roots attached, and growing like crazy…now it’s time for the maintenance portion of your tree’s growth. Whether you need help with tree trimming, pruning, thinning, or more, an experienced tree service in Lafayette, Indiana should be used.

For tree questions or proper tree maintenance, contact Wildcat Creek Tree Service. As an insured tree service in Lafayette with years of experience, Wildcat Creek is here to properly and ethically care for your trees. Call (765) 404-0938 for more information.