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If you’ve ever shaken a tree branch when it’s wet, you remember the impact of the water droplets and the shock of suddenly being rained upon. It’s true that the rains of spring can push down tree branches so they’re touching the grass or grazing the roof of the neighbor’s house.

It’s dangerous enough having trees tower above adjacent properties and over power lines. The weight of pouring rain is stress enough for the average tree, so the addition of heavy winds and lightning puts itself and surrounding structures at risk. 

And it doesn’t always take a strong storm for a branch to detach from its nesting place. The last thing you want is someone to be hurt as a result. But what’s stopping you from pulling out your shears or making a call to a professional tree service?

Tree pruning, or trimming, is among the most popular methods of maintenance for any landscape. Maybe you’re waiting until winter. Or perhaps you’re too distracted with other things. Excuses keep on piling up, but your trees don’t stop growing. 

Join Wildcat Creek Tree Service in Lafayette, Indiana to find out why tree trimming is an absolute MUST for the health of your trees and the safety of your family and property…

Don’t Fall on Me, Tree

protect your landscape with proper tree trimming services

“If a tree falls and nobody is there to hear, does it make a sound?”

We’ve all considered the question in a purely philosophical sense, but the conundrum becomes more urgent when you come out of the forest and re-enter civilization. 

After a long day, you could sleep through the night without a care for the storm raging outside. You may not hear the snap and crack of the branch as it crashes down to the ground, but you’re bound to notice the artifacts blocking your driveway the next morning. 

Trees go through a natural life cycle that marks the occasional falling branch as inevitable. But this scenario doesn’t have to play out every year, after every bad storm. With occasional intervention, we can help foster healthy growth in our trees for years to come.

Tree Pruning Promotes Healthy Growth

The best time to do the job is during the tree’s dormant season, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait several months hoping the tree stays in place. Who knows what could happen in that time? 

Certain branches, particularly dead or diseased ones, are best removed as soon as possible. The risk of leaving them there outweighs the effect the cut will have on the tree. Luckily, the tree itself benefits from losing this deadwood. The pests and parasites feeding on that wood lose the opportunity to spread further when that branch is cut.

The key is making careful, clean cuts that encourage the tree to grow naturally. If the tree in question is already in bloom, you may have to wait longer for the branch to grow back. The bigger the branch, the harder it is to trim.

Tree Pruning Prevents Property Damage

prevent property damage with tree trimming from wildcat creek tree service

It’s very likely that a tree on your property is older than your home, especially if it’s large enough to do damage. As seasons go by the branches grow wilder, and before you know it you’ve got a dead branch leaning over a power line next to the house. 

This precarious situation is a common one among property owners in Lafayette, IN in need of tree service. And while cutting back the bushes or thinning the crown is a feasible project for you, this more urgent one may not be. If you find yourself in this potentially dangerous situation, consider a professional like Wildcat Creek Tree Service for that job.

The long and the short of it is: trees can do a lot of harm. They can do damage to homes, power lines, cars, they can block roads, and ultimately, ruin someone’s day. As storm season passes over, it’s important to note that even a windy day can wreak havoc on a tree. For safety’s sake, trimming those branches before they have a chance to fall is the best precaution to take. 

Trees Can Be Attractive Too

A tree that’s leaning or losing its natural shape is a cause for concern. Pruning is a logical solution because of the immediate effect of cutting back an undesirable branch. 

While the technique does its job in encouraging natural and healthy growth, the side effect of an attractive tree is exceedingly satisfying. Conversely, when a tree’s condition grows worse and years go by without proper maintenance, you will start to notice the bark peeling off, the branches that aren’t growing any leaves, or even a big hole in the trunk.

It’s a shame to watch a tree become an eyesore. And if you’re thinking about selling the house in a few years, your tree may just be the trick up your sleeve. By taking care of the wild growth now instead of later, you’re ensuring your tree will look pretty when it comes time to move out, which could increase your property value more than you expected.

I Need Help Trimming My Trees in Lafayette, Indiana. Who Do I Call?

always use an insured company for tree care services

A pair of shears can go a long way, but there’s no shame in enlisting the help of professionals with your yearly pruning. Wildcat Creek Tree Service provides a number of tree services in the greater Lafayette area, including tree pruning, dead wooding, storm damage recovery and more. 

For more information on our tree services, contact us online or call (765) 404-0938.